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Download NowThe world's NEWEST WORD GAME will thrill, excite, entertain and educate. PLUS it does something even more valuable!! It will fix your spelling and improve your vocabulary!

The greatest gift you can give yourself or anyone else is a strong Education. You are judged so often by your use of language, choice of words and spelling.

Literacy Education is the building block of ALL education. Your career, your self esteem and your confidence will be enhanced when you master literacy. Play with friends over the internet.

WORDMASTER provides an outstanding and unique form of word education – and it does so by making you a participant. Being a player does a lot more for your focus and education than being an observer. Playing WORDMASTER stimulates your brain to search for words and learn how to spell those words. WORDMASTER requires concentration and focus – two extremely important elements that put you in charge of your literacy development. The more you play the easier it will be to find words quickly and easily - not just when you play WORDMASTER but when you present yourself socially and at work with greater confidence and authority.

ACT NOW and download this exciting and ENTERTAINING word game. Then get your friends and family involved. Then, see if they can beat you. Our WORDBUSTING feature delivers a huge challenge and great entertainment. It's a feature exclusive to WORDMASTER!

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Be one of the first to experience this wonderful new way to play with words. We guarantee your word skills will improve every time you play.


  • NO annoying and distracting POP-UP ADVERTISING.
  • Player turns are timed to keep the game competitive and faster moving.
  • Your download provides entertainment for a lifetime.


Your Support Assists Us To Help

There are many people and animals who suffer and need help - homeless people in our cities, wild animals that are hunted to extinction and baby elephants that are orphaned when their parents are hunted for ivory. We can’t fix everything,  however we are doing something and we are dedicated to keep adding even more to our efforts. It gives us a nice feeling and as one of the WORDMASTER players, it is your support that will keep our assistance growing.


The Exodus Foundation:

Assisting homeless people in Sydney, Australia - many of whom are returned soldiers.         


The David Sheldrick Foundation

This wonderful organisation Kenya based is devoted to rescuing orphaned baby elephants in Africa. Elephants have very strong family ties and some of the stories placed on the Sheldrick Foundation website are very moving.      

WORDMASTER is sponsoring two orphaned elephants, ALAMAYA, a female aged around 14 months and MDOTTO, a boy aged around 15months. We will increase our support over time.




Rescuing and re-homing lost, abandoned and sick animals, both wild and domestic. WORDMASTER is committed to ongoing support.

Orangutan crisis foundation. 

Many Orangutans are facing loss of habitat and are also being hunted to extinction.  We are providing regular funding assistance to the Orangutan Crisis Foundation so they can keep up their amazing and dedicated  assistance to these beautiful creatures.

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Watch This How To Play Wordmaster VIDEO


An exciting next generation word game

Surpassing the 65 year old SCRABBLE and the more recent Words with Friends, WORDMASTER retains some of the familiarity of SCRABBLE while introducing new and innovative playing features – improvements that take the challenge of each players vocabulary and strategy skills to a new and exciting level.


Every word you place in WORDMASTER will earn you 10 points. You also receive a single point for every tile placed, and more if you place a tile on a bonus square.

WORDMASTER ALLOWS you to place a word on the grid with just the first and last letters of your selected word. When you type your chosen word and transfer it to the grid, the missing letters of your word will appear on the grid as HALF TONE tiles. The HALF TONE tiles are the key to the WORDBUSTING feature. Any half tone tile can be replaced by you or any other player to alter your word and to create a new word. When you or another player does that you steal the 10 point bonus score earned by the player who originally placed that word on the grid.

Words can be easily changed and often with a single letter. So, even if you lose a word it might be possible on your next turn to bust that word back and recover your points. This is what adds the drama and fun to WORDMASTER. Players who are good at WORDBUSTING will win at WORDMASTER. The quickest way to build your score is to bust words. When you place a new word or bust a word, any tiles on your tile rack that contribute to that word will automatically be transferred to the grid. Any that are not on your tile rack will appear as half tone tiles.

Play with up to 3 other players in PASS and PLAY or in the MULTI PLAYER formatusing the internet. You can even chat while you play.

The educational merit of WORDMASTER is strong and multi- dimensional. The ability to think of a word for which you have the first and last tiles on your rack is your first challenge, then, you must think of the opportunity that the half tone tiles of your word offer to the next player who might wish to steal it. You might see that risk and decide on a different word – but, will the next player have the tile or tiles needed to bust your word and steal your ten points? You may have a choice of several words, so choose the one that is less likely to be busted. Will just a single letter added to your word by the next player bust it? Can you bust it back on your next turn?

WORDMASTER challenges like no other word game and opens up a whole new form of competition with words.In WORDMASTER, words require additional consideration as you explore and then try to place words the next player can’t bust. It broadens your creative examination of words.

Your best move has already been made! WELCOME to WORDMASTER, the world’s most exciting new word game.

Why $2.99?

  • Features Icon Quality is a powerful and enduring feature of any product. It contributes to the prestige and reflects the market standing of a product.
  • Features Icon We could have allowed advertisers to pay for your game. We chose not to because free games come with endless and distracting pop-up advertising. In our view any distraction will interfere with player concentration and enjoyment of WORDMASTER.
  • Features Icon A quality game should not include any content that spoilsyour playing experience and focus.
  • Features Icon We hope you will agree that a low $4.99 cost is not much to pay for a lifetime of playing enjoyment.

A fast game is a good game

It’s an old saying and also true. A faster game is a more exciting game. WORDMASTER allows players to set their own playing time. 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds. You choose - and as you get quicker at your word choices you can select a shorter playing time. Most words can be placed well within the selected time.

How to win at Wordmaster?

It’s easy, the quickest way to build your score is to just keep busting your own and other players words.

Features for WORDMASTER

  • Features Icon Select the playing method. Pass and Play allows for sharing the playing tablet. The other options are for internet connected playing partners.
  • Features Icon You can select the length of time for making each word selection by pressing the icon for a word selection period of 30, 60, 90 or 120 seconds.
  • Features Icon Each player then enters their name to receive a playing colour which identifies the colour of the tiles you play on the grid.
  • Features Icon The first word must have one tile touching the CROWN symbol in the centre of the playing grid.
  • Features Icon Your tile racks will automatically be charged with randomly selected tiles at the start of the game, and again when tiles are spent.
  • Features Icon Each tile has a value of ONE POINT each unless placed on a multiple value space of double or triple points.

How To Play

  • How to make a word
  • How to bust a word
  • Make a letter fulltone
  • Random players
  • Facebook players
  • Remaining tiles
  • How to play WordMaster
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